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... invisible internet zombie bots, crawl by, leaving virtual graffiti in random mixtures if languages... lavishes of random strings, urls that likely do nothing and go nowhere...internet plague fairies and ghosts...mindless. Forever zombies....visit my empty virtual property here, like an overgrown weedy lot , it trips passing ghost bots, shoots of color bright sprouts and shiny bits, memories of smiles and long gone days of youth, spun tales...wandering like a spent stream through my beautiful abandoned lot, wild like a meadow in the city
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I haven't been on here in almost a year... not that I don't have things to write about; but I find I have less time then I have things to do and blogging just cycled down to the not-necessary part of my life. Also I don't expect I have an audience here anymore since my friends seem to be primarily on facebook; where posts are longer then a tweet but shorter then a blog. That's how it goes - people don't have time to read.

So in the last year, what have I done?

I worked; took my kids to soccer, music, swimming, girl scouts, and friends houses and school.
I went to Jamaica with my boyfriend; that was really wonderful. We went snorkeling, up to the rain forest, waterfalls - beautiful white sand beaches, live music, just really relaxing.

I went to Oregon twice - once for Thanksgiving seeing my friend Jenn Clark who I'd lost contact with & found me on facebook last year and she drove up from Eugene with her awesome hubbie and 2 girls for lunch at Micminamans (Sp?) and that was delightful .. as well as spending the holiday with my parents & kids... and then next for Spring Break where my boyfriend Gabe was able to come with me & my kids; and we saw my good friend Sierra for a walk around downtown Portland and the Chinese Gardens.. then a few days on the Oregon Coast and then some time in the mountains and on the rivers.

Those are the 3 vacations I took this year; I made a bunch of new jewelry and took a dozen classes; hoping to start an Etsy shop and maybe do something with my jewelry.

That is about it.
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Summer 2010

I know I haven't blogged much. But I've had a great summer: went camping in south and north Minnesota - explored caves and waterfalls; pulled all the wallpaper down in my hallway to get ready to paint in September, and had my parents out for a visit from Oregon at the end of August. My grandma Alice turned 92, and grandpa John turned 91~ my girls are starting first grade and sixth grade next week and I'm getting ready for the new school schedule that starts the day after tomorrow (labor day). I've got two trips planned and I'm looking forward to the next season!
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Spring 2010

looking forward to Spring Break next week - taking time off to go to some state parks with Gabe, the kids are with their dad

eager to do some Spring cleaning too & haven't found time - hopefully I'll get a fair amount done this weekend so I don't need to take vacation time for cleaning the house

reading "fit from within" which seems to be a good book with many tips and easy short chapters on ways to live healthier (I'm fond of short chapters since these seem to be the only kind I find time for lately)

too cold today as it's just at freezing, despite sunny skies: looking forward to the weekend warming into the 50's and next week into the 60's: finally!

not much else to say ~ haven't been writing much but not much to say

a week left of my art show that's hanging up at Java J's in downtown Minneapolis - great coffee food & drinks locale if you don't know it, $1 PBR's on Fridays.

k, that's 'bout it. Maybe I'll start an Etsy shop with the art that doesn't sell at Java J's, and expand from there (my hinderance has always been too few items, so maybe I'll finally have enough to open the Etsy shop)...

oh I learned how to make yarn out of plastic bags today. Now only if I could knit or crochet. Maybe I'll learn so I can use plastic yarn.
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January is...

too cold for me to go out - so no rollerderby/staying home & watching movies w/the kids. Easier and less stressful. Here's a lol cat.

and that's how it's done.
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new levels of fitness

I worked out for 3 hours in a row tonight - I did Pilates, then Zumba (an hour of dancing) and then Body Pump (weight lifting) for an hour. It felt great & I feel really happy about this & hope to do this more often. I am however, obviously pushing the limits of my fitness as I got a bit close to throwing up in the third hour 2 times, but I didn't - and I could tell it was just from over-exertion so I wasn't worried.. I just slowed down until I felt better again. I'm not really sore, but expect I might be moreso tomorrow. We'll see.

er - look I still have an account! :)

I've been away from LJ half a year - some friends told me this month they miss me out here, and I admit, I did more writing and thinking-type posts here then any other social-type website. Perhaps I'll login more often. Nice that it randomly worked from my office today ;)

Hope everyone is having a good December, and not getting too stressed out w/the holiday craziness.
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ah, well.

I admit I hardly blog anymore. Facebook is easier and more of my closest friends are there. I feel a bit bad for over-extending myself to all these social networking websites. It just takes time I'd rather put into real life, ya know?

However I did buy a lifetime membership to LJ some years back, so I'm sure to be here on occasion :) Enjoy the sunshine, green foliage & summer!