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Day in recap-

So I did the normal workstuffs: meeting & server admin stuff & another meeting & content issues & question emails, and another meeting, and more tech questions, and a mass-email to newsletter subscribers running in the background for 4 1/2 hours.. yadda yadda

Got a call from Aurora at 3:30 : she lost her first tooth! Woot!

She is so excited. She says she doesn't want to give it to the tooth fairy, because it will make a cool pretend bone for her stuffed toy Dalmatian. Did I mention she's creative? Yeah; so .. first tooth to go, wow. It seems so momentous.

Came home to happy kids - Athena hollering her version of "hallo! haalllloo" and waving and grinning & laughing, and Aurora all grins too: and we got to have spaghetti & meatballs and a salad w/yellow peppers, tomatoes, and carrots : yum... while Aurora told all the details of how she was taking her glove off with her teeth and her "tooth came out!.. and it bled a little and then I washed it out & it stopped, and it was SO COOL!" (and she always says the last part practically yelling; she gets so excited.)

And then Ang took off to go do stuff & I and the kids went out shopping. Yes: I went shopping, and I got some new clothes & it may be a bit shallow, but it was kinda exciting. The kids had a ball trying on adult shirts and necklaces and stuff like looking at the lip glosses and the toys and stuffed birds and so on.. they would've liked to stay out later, but I was out longer then I would've preferred: but I got some great deals at DOTS and then at REI - I was getting just stuff I can wear to work, as that is what my wardrobe needs; which means a limit on the styles and cuts of the clothes, etc.. but it was still fun. .

I purchased some sweet pants called Kuhl Kurves, which actually make my bum look smaller, which I love, & I also found cute exercise tops/bras with nice scrolling yoga stylizations printed on the front, both at REI ...& at DOTS I found a nice blazer, flared skirts, a bunch of cute tops, some undies & a nice collection of office outfits with some flare... , DOTS is really a cute women's boutique; I love their variety & style in all the little details.

I did have a budget, so I had to leave a really cute black dress, 2 skirts, a few blouses & an adorable super soft NorthFace coat at REI - the coat was the least practical since it's end-of-season, but maybe it'll go on sale/clearance soon. That was actually in the kids section (but, hey, it fits me, lucky me!) - The black dress was the hardest to leave, but it didn't make the cut either, with my need for better pants at the front.

So 'nuf about clothes - got home & there was a postcard from my Mom from Honduras! Yay! She's & my Aunt Christy went last month, so it was fun to get the postcard of a gorgeous Macaw Parrot and notes about the adventures.. plus, there was also a card from Aunt Christy which she sent last week which pictured orchids like the kinds they saw growing in trees in Honduras & she included a lengthy letter talking all about their adventures too: which was great: it was exciting to read, and Aurora was thrilled to hear more about the adventures abroad; she loves languages & is always picking up new Spanish words from Abuela!

After getting the letter Aurora found her stuffed parrot (from her other Grandma) and is sleeping with that parrot - cute. Athena & her had a good time and fell asleep quickly with big smiles.

And, overall regarding the day: it was nice that it was sunny out, even if it was still cold and snowy.

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