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I'm donating blood on my little brother's birthday.

Yeah, it's ironic that the donation days on my worksite co-incided with his avalanche & his birthday. I've never liked the idea of selling blood, but I'll give some away without question.

If I don't act, who will?

They did a test recently with a little girl struggling with a man screaming "leave me alone! You're not my dad- let go!" and many people passed before anyone helped: a couple passed, people of all groups, and they said the two who finally intervened were the least expected to: 2 young guys in their early 20's split up & came at the guy from 2 directions - and then another guy stopped & jumped out of a car to help - but the first people who passed were caught up with & asked why they didn't help & those they got to answer all said "I thought someone else would help" - it's up to us, true story.

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