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Japanese Gardens- Portland, Oregon

Well, we took a week to go off to Oregon for Spring Break & the first stop was the Japanese Gardens in Portland, Oregon - This was on April 4th, 2006; with the girls & my mom we decided with a vote to go to the gardens - Mom had driven up to Portland from Bend to pick us up & we only had an hour in the cities before driving to Bend, because there was rain/snow forcast for the mountains we would have to drive through. Plus with all the flowering trees blooming it was quite a site & Aurora was also quite excited to see a garden, when everything back home was still brown, even the grass... and the trees at home were still bare-branches, and here they were a swath in flowers. The first glipses of spring for the girls...

A cherry tree in bloom, one of many trees which were in full-bloom.

Aurora finds a friend & Athena wanted to climb down into the garden.

Aurora runs beneath the gigantic trees of the Pacific Northwest...

Aurora enjoying the sun & garden

An etched stone hides in the plants by a side-path...

Athena running the deck above a garden with beautifully shaped hedges

Aurora loves how Japanese writing looks...

Pieris Andromeda, One of my very favorite flowering plants is in full-bloom: JOY! We don't have these in MN - so fragrant & beautiful - I got to show Aurora this flower & she also loved the smell & beauty of this subtle gem

Aurora finds an overlook to a lower rock-garden

Mom & the girls & a equisite rock staircase.

one of many beautiful leafing plants - this one had wonderful twisty branches

neat roof detail

Athena at the gardens:a friend saw this & said "cool - it looks like she is practicing martial arts there, too!"

Socializing at the Garden Tea House

Aurora running to catch up with Grandma

A few of the trees

The coy pond ...

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