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What's this?

In summary (they explain it better then me):

"Internet providers like AT&T are lobbying Congress hard to gut Network
Neutrality--the Internet's First Amendment and the key to Internet
freedom. Net Neutrality prevents AT&T from choosing which websites open
most easily for you based on which site pays AT&T more.
doesn't have to outbid Amazon for the right to work properly on your

If Net Neutrality is gutted, almost every popular site--from Google to
eBay to iTunes--must either pay protection money to Internet companies
like AT&T or risk having their websites process slowly. That why these
high-tech pioneers and others are opposing Congress' effort to gut
Internet freedom."

So PLeAsE sign this petition telling your member
of Congress to preserve Internet freedom? Trying to get to 350,000 ; at about 250,000 signatures so far (including mine)

Just Click here, sign, and maybe post to your Journal: hey,like a MEME! : it's really that easy to let some law-makers know what YOU think about this.

So, I've signed it & can't sign again (and count). But, how about you? It would be awesome if you helped speak out on this important cause for our communications freedoms (what's left of them!)...

Corporations would just love the ability to charge us access costs AND to charge companies for "prioritization" on the internet channels: BAh, Humbug. sign, and then even call & write your represenatives & senators - whatever you're up to doing is something to let them know how many people care if this happens.
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