Alli (neugotik) wrote,

May Day Parade, Powderhorn Park, Mn - 2006

blue dragons, oh boy!


They're so cute!

Dr. Suess - like trumpets

biking flowers

And green dragons & rolling worlds of sunflowers..

Huge Dancing Day of the Dead figures

Aurora & Tennessee hanging out having Quesidillas on Polly's back stoop

Athena & Wren dancing around Polly's yard

a person I met through work recently shared with us the loss of his son 15 years ago & he confided in me that when he is missing his son, he finds dimes - that is so magical, and then there was this singular "dime character" in the parade this year. I took this photo for you, R.Jeff.

Pull my nose - no, really.

Athena playfully ran circles around Polly's giant birdfeeder (built by Uncle John)

Peace & love everyone: keep trying to be the agents of positive change.

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