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So.. this is like Mad Libs? Meme

I am ready to do more with my time
I want to be compassionate
I wish there was more hope & optimism, and I could see it, like I sometimes do- in the glow in people's eyes when they look at you.
I hate , well, try to hate nothing.
I fear I am insufficient.
I hear the wind & birds
I wonder about everything.
I am not going to have self-pity.
I dance everyday.
I cry when I feel like it.
I am not pointless.
I make choices.
I write honestly.
I confuse many.
I need some coffeewell, sometimes I feel I do, but I don't really.
I start each day with stretching, walking around the house, opening the window blinds to the outdoors & then waking up the kids to make them breakfast & get going with our day ahead of us.
I finish with thoughts about the day & people I love.
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