Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Today's rambling.

  • I saw the peregrine falcon again the last 2 days - nice. Told my mom & she said they can fly at 200 MPH (yes, miles per hour)- she works at a Raptor center, so I took her on face value for accuracy. But, Wow. I guess that's their recorded "diving" speed. Pretty awesome birds.

  • Aurora got her teeth cleaned & she was very brave. She choose cookie dough flavored toothpaste & strawberry polish for the appointment. She was also super sweet & asked for a toothbrush & treat for her little sister. That's so sweet. Athena will be _thrilled_ she loves brushing her teeth (it's so "big girl") & Aurora picked out a big rubber alligator for her treat hasselius would probably get a kick out of hearing that. And a pink Stegasaurus for Athena. Athena loves dinosaurs & will also be thrilled, I'm sure.

  • In the office I passed someone who had hair about my length but purple with blue at the top: fuck I miss being able to dye my hair like that as I used to. I also someone on HGTV who had their hair done blonde w/hot pink underneath, and I was jealous of her, too. :P Oh well, can't be too vain. I do miss the pretty colors in my hair though, sometimes - and I did notice the jealous twinge I felt. *sigh*

  • I went out to my little brother's site & saw a bunch of new posts - his friends are sure amazing people. It's also good to see how he's positively affected so many people's lives, forever. I guess it really does matter - the ripples of our lives efforts can go on & on to other people & them sharing with more people, and how we just make everyday simple decisions.

  • Watched LOST last night ; I like the psychology, and bits of philosophy, and how it's so well balanced in the show, it's more then a simple thriller or mystery, I think that's why I want to watch it, when I don't get into very many TV shows at all. It's the balance the creator has between these different elements, not just drama & mystery, not just psychology and amazing characters, not just philosophy or intrigue.. it's a nice weaving of these elements.

    I had more I was going to write about, but it got distracted out of my brain by issues coworkers were having with the server which they needed my help with; maybe those thoughts will come back to me later... or maybe they'll fly off like a dream, so clear, but then just not prioritized in the "memory channels" -speaking of which I had some dreams I just couldn't forget, here are just cryptic notes: not sure I'll write out the whole dreams (or what I recall) yet..

    some dreams of this year:

  • snowboarding in the Southern Oregon Hillsides dream (that was beautiful, I think I wrote about it at the time, actually)

  • choking on blood after being stabbed in a dream - (woke up mouth full of saliva, in the dream I kept spitting out the blood & my mouth kept refililng because I was bleeding internally).

  • Star Wars characters in a performance on PVC-construction that went up 4 lvls & was only half done - like modern dancers at a Sci-Fi convention

  • beautiful hiking dream in hills with wildflowers - puffy clouds, et all.

  • sneaking donuts on a back side-porch & being stabbed with a dental pick (anxiety dream about work snacks next cubicle over & dental hiegine; ew)

  • being in an ice-hotel on vacation dream (that was pretty nice, really)

    See how the feather looks "kinked"; that's actually how they steer & can really minuetly control their flight: neat, eh?
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