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You have 5 minutes left to finish your Weekend News.

  • I walked Aurora into school this morning because she was bringing a box of snacks, and additionally, I had to tell her teacher she was skipping the "Brownies field trip" to the Humane Society after school - and she has soccer instead. So, while I was in the hallway leaving I hear "You have 5 minutes left to finish your Weekend News" - somehow the idea stuck.

  • It's good to set goals, but also limits: it helps get projects done. They don't have to be "perfect" and you shouldn't spend too much time on diversions; but it's good to allow yourself diversions.

  • So, on that note, here is my "Weekend News"

  • So, Saturday I indulged in some 'Blue Moon' Beer, and I only drink a few times a year really, & while tasty & fun to socialize a bit with people who were over, it was not particularly productive. Heh. I was planning to hang out that night, but in the end, I was more tired then social, so while I wanted to go downstairs & hang out with everyone playing poker after I got the kids to sleep (finally!) ... by then I was so tired, I just went to bed. It didn't make it easier that Aurora had Lillian and Julian having a sleepover that night, too: fun for them, but more complicated for me. *smile* Kids can do that: just .. go & go & go and they often tire out after me. Yet another reason for me to get more fit! yeah, add that to the "motivations" list: to keep up with those growing kids..

  • So it rained Thurs, Fri, Saturday: I don't mind, really -but it made our lawn go crazy & sprout up from a tame 1 inch to a visible 5-6 inch hill of dandelion tufts. Cute, but messy & I know my neighbor's & their nicely mowed lawns tollerate my flowers (it goes from violets to dandelions, to clover each year) - but not the scruff of dandelion & grass seeds, and I can appreciate that. So, I mowed.

  • It took me 21/2 hours to mow our lawn. If I do that every weekend, that would help my fitness goals.

  • In the end, I actually left the hill where the Creeping Charlie is blooming right now unmowed. I did -not- plant Creeping Charlie - it came over from the neighbor to the North, and West, and therefore: I know there is no point in fighting it. It's already all over their yards, and way too invasive to stop.

  • But, at least it looks pretty in the lawn, and ..well, everywhere, since that is where it goes. And for lawn-areas, it grows better in shade then grass (and we have a LOT of shade due to our big Oak Trees) so, (shrug) it's okay by me. I'll have to mow it eventually though.

  • At the game shop a customer's mom (who also plays some games) requested a "Bid" tournament.

  • She said her & her boys play it & it would be really fun to be in an actual tournament. To me, Bid is just a simplified version of "Bridge".

  • But maybe it is an issue of "what came first?" Did you learn "Bridge" or "Bid" first (if either) and.. do you have a preference? Hm. I feel a poll brewing.

  • I came across this biking safety web site today, and it's really informative.

  • I have to say, I learned a lot about driving / bikers & how to be a better biker, esp. if in communte (on roads/not paths): Otherwise titled "How to Not get hit by cars" this article is well worth taking the time to read, or at least skim over - the traffic diagrams are especially well done & helpful.

  • So a few of my answers I was unsure of - and if I went back & changed those answers after the initial test from "am I diplomatic" and "I emotional" (yes & yes) - if I said 'maybe' on both of those instead.. I got R2, who has a better quote, namely R2's quote is "What you lack in height and communication skills, you make up for in industriousness, technical know-how and being there when others need you most." Then Padme's quote is more silly then anything, "You try to be a good person,
    but your boyfriend doesn't.
    At least you look great."
    but hey, it's a meme. *grin*

  • I guess in the end it still feels like "cheating" to change answers on a Meme, so I stick with my original results for posting, but I still like to investigate the core of the test & it's range and adaptability sometimes.
    But, anyhows, saying "no or yes" to just diplomatic I still got Padme, and I can't really deny I'm emotional, I think... but really I'm both at the core of things... , so I'm rambling a bit here - &, while she was not a great Actress persay and those latter series of movies were so pathetic in comparison to the original Star Wars films, I did like the character, esp. in her idea & concept.

    More interesting in this meme, in the end, though, was what 10 characters came up for you out of the 21 possible? Yay: lots of Jedi's in my top 10 : Rrwar.

    Your results:
    You are Padme
    Princess Leia
    Luke Skywalker
    Han Solo
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Boba Fett
    Qui-Gon Jinn
    You try to be a good person,
    but your boyfriend doesn't.
    At least you look great.

    (This list displays your top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)

    Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Test
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