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Green grass, Soccer & a storm Rainbow smiles

  • Aurora has her first soccer game of the summer season: it went really well. She had a great time & got many kicks in on the ball, even a few successive ones. No goals by her, but her team made quite a few & she's doing much better then she was in the fall season.

  • At the end of the game a few drops started to fall: not enough to get anyone wet - but it made for a beautiful double rainbow - with a dark horizon of storm clouds blowing away & a sunlit foreground of bright green trees. I love that storm lighting, and the rainbow was like a smile over the whole soccer field.

  • Athena has a good time chasing spare soccer balls around the side of the field, playing on the playground a bit & then sitting on a bench to watch ducks in the nearby pond/lake while she had a fresh roll from the Breadsmith. Then she contently watched the rest of the game, even cheering on with all the parents on occasion & climbing onto a leopard blanket with some another little sister at one point.

    All in all, a fun night out. The game started with practice at 7pm & the game from 7:30-8:30pm, so after that we only had time to stop at the gameshop & say hi to daddy before heading home for another round of snacks (cheese, yogurts, bread) before bedtime. Next week I'll pack some snacks for afterschool so we don't have to stay up too late. Wow I'm exhausted from too many concurrent nights of 6 hours of sleep!

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