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Tiling today! Can anyone come over & help?

Today we're tiling. I think it looks about 1/5th of the floor has had tile laid down.. so it is reasonable to finish the rest today, and be able to do a few other small things.. if Angelo gets some help; I can't help this time, due to the 5-days until c-section situation. Last time I grouted & laid tile and mortor... and it was pretty easy & kind of fun. I think laying mortar down is kind of like making mudd pies: you plop this greyish mudd on the floor & get to make stripy patterns in it with the tools and get it all even for the tiles (too much & it will squish out, and too little and the tile won't affix well to the floor) and then someone else usually is laying the tiles and making them all strait with little plastic spacers... and someone else is cutting the tiles for odd spaces & edges at the tile-cutter.

Unfortunately I can't help: so Angelo needs some people, anyone and as many as want to would be helpful!

What I'll try to do next is choose some photos & reduce their size so people can see some of the progress we've made this week, as Angelo has no time to do so himself.

Message, Call, or just come over if you want to help! Thank you!!
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