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Yea, I'm on a random kinda week: so more of that.

So: I mowed the lawn again. I couldn't help myself: a good number of the dandelions had "popped" back up again, and looked extra scruffy since I just mowed _everything_. I only spend 20 minutes on it & just zig-zagged over the dandelions & then walked the yard & picked the ones that bent again. (I also only did the front yard: no reason to waste gasoline on the back, which is fine).

and.. I did 2 loads of dishes & am all caught up, and I did all the pots too. I guess deadlines really motivate me. They always have. That's prob. why I've flitted from journalism, to photo editor, to film, dabbled in art/journalism then back to computers & the internet. I just kinda love the drive of a deadline. And, the 'down' time that follows. It's good for me.

Lessee: came across an 'extroversion' test - classically I land in the middle on these, since I'm both extroverted & introverted, in dif. situations: this one was interesting as it didn't just ask about people.

I think it got me pretty well: I'm aggressive, so I am a heavy participator at meetings, in company decisions when asked, with committees,etc when invited. and I talk easily in front of large groups and am not shy. It is also pretty easy for me to meet & talk with strangers & am very open about myself, per-say. Those are all classic 'extroverted' traits.

But, I don't have much social life, pretty much by my own lack of participation in one, and given a choice I often spend my "down time/relaxing time" on my own or with just a few people. I like to & often do, go to events alone or with just the kids, not meeting anyone - and feel good being out alone at concerts, resturants, etc. These tend to be 'introverted' choices. I do fine with out any big group gatherings, and I "regain my energy" being alone, not from others or gatherings (as much).. And, lastely, I'm not so into parties, and other 'big group events' - mainly I feel a less sincere connection with others, and I get overwhelmed by the mass, and miss the "quality" of just the few. introverted.

Then again, once in a party, I talk fine with both friends and strangers; and people who do not know me well usually think I'm extremely extroverted. - alright enough about me talking about me. Gah: I'm getting really boring. (!!)

here's the meme:
Your Extroversion Profile:
Activity Level: Very High
Assertiveness: Very High
Cheerfulness: Very High
Sociability: High
Excitement Seeking: Medium
Friendliness: Medium

and one more meme: I think it tagged along or something. (It followed me home, can I keep it?)

You Should Be Fashion Designer

Although you're offbeat and artistic, you have a good eye for trends
You can figure out new incredible clothes to create... that will sell well!


back to real writing:

I've often sketched outfits & ideas for clothing. Sometimes I even see them become a bit of a trend, and I ponder making my own clothes: but it wouldn't be mainstream for certain. More some kinda cross between punk/goth/Renn Fest & office wear!! *grin* does some nice stuff, I think.

I feel really good about the exercise I've been getting. It seems to "balance" my system a bit.

anyone else feel like that when you exercise? Just more, .. hm, energized & ok (in mood, I guess).

On a muscular level: I can feel it in my calves especially, today. Yesterday it was more in my thighs - I guess it's good I'm getting to dif. areas. I've got to figure out a good upper arm workout that I can do at the office (the equipment in their gym is really limited: they do have a pull down bar attached to weights though, and some yoga-balls, along with the stationary bike, elliptical & treadmills). Any suggestions?

I really miss the twisting & air-resistant machines for abs & lat. abs. I'm sure there are ones to do on the ground, but it's less dignified, ah well: swallow my pride, they don't have Ab Machines at work, and I'm not buying a gym membership.
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