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Bike Event tonight


I know this is late notice, but I just heard about this event, and thought many of you would be interested: it's a National Silent Bike Ride to honor those who died biking due to an accident.

There are events planned in every state to ride a slow bike ride in honor of those who died in accidents, check this link if you want to see if there is an event close enough to your area to go. They're organized by individuals, so you may have one even in small towns. Also, you can register to organize one next year if you want to.

I think of you all with love & appreciation every single day. Thank you for being such wonderful caring people.
Love & Peace~

Contact: Stephan Kieu <--You can Send email from the main website above - go to state to find.
Distance: 8-10mi
Notes: 17 WED 7:00 PM B/C 8-10 mi. RIDE OF SILENCE. Depart from the parking lot (off of the W. River Parkway) next to the Stone Arch Bridge. Park your car at a public parking lot at the corner of 2nd St and 11th Av. Join cyclists nationwide in a silent slow-paced ride (max. 12 mph) in honor of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on America's public roadways. This ride also raises AWARENESS that we are here and to ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD. Wear a black arm band in honor of those who have been killed or a red arm band if you have been involved in a bicycle incident. This is a group ride together in silence and using hand signals. Helmets are required. E-mail me the name, hometown, and state of any cyclists killed of which you know and we will read the names before heading out. Stephan Kieu, tcbc-at-slkieu-dot-com and other leaders. For more information, go to Bike Ride of Silence
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