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A long day - and sunny too.

*Athena's been sick all day; which is really tough. I'm tired out. She started antibiotics tonight & that really calmed her down - she's sleepin' now.

*So I'm tired, yeah... I've been drooling over images of "Lush" soap & shampoo products I don't have that sound so yummy & smell like stuff like chocolate, or coconut, or mango, Ah. A nice spa-like bath would be good.

* Aurora had a soccer game today: she did really well - stayed focused on the ball, dove in & got a lot of good kicks in & didn't want to quit when it was time to switch out (saying "can I play more? I'm not tired") which was good to hear, but she also left the field in a cheery mood each switch & was a great sport about it. Unfort. she got a headache about 20 minutes into the game or so & sat out the last 10 minutes watching (she said "kicking the ball makes my head hurt more" - which makes some sense if she had a headache) I think she prob. got a bit overheated, having gone right from school to kids club then to soccer.

*the coach asked me for another set of the photos I took last season, saying everyone was raving about the shots I took of all the kids. I had gotten to the point where I thought no one had cared as I didn't get direct feedback; but I guess the photos have been "much talked about & everyone says they're really good" huh. so, another "to do" but that's okay - sometime after the kids are feeling better I'll burn some more copies. I have Cd's at hand & they all fit on a simple CD.

*Went to the library grand-opening/ that was really fun - like a street fair, casual & busy but not showy or over the top - music & food booths, inside lots of volunteers. The wooden arch on the 4th floor "special collections" is awesome: it's preserved from a previous building (er, either on that site, or the previous library ; I heard 2 takes on the story after I was no longer on the 4th floor & I did not go back up to find out which nor did I do anything else to figure this out) BUT: anyhow: it's really awesome wood carvings and obviously super-old. It rocks. The whole library is really cool. The kids section has modern simple maple beams in the ceiling with nice led colors changing which is subtle and neat. Anyhow; I'm too tired to talk much, but it was really fun.

*I actually got a few hours of work in today: I should've napped instead when Athena napped, but I've been really "not sleepy" or "anti-sleepy" ;hard to explain, it's dif. then insomnia, which is when I want to sleep, but can't. This is like, I don't want to sleep, and I'm awake, even though I've only been getting 4 hours of sleep every night. I donno, kinda happens I guess at the start of summer with the heat & humidity so therefore - I think it is the temperature changes.

*The heat makes it hard for me to fall asleep. Yeah; if I turned on the A/C I would fall asleep: but I have stuff to do anyway, so why not stay up?

*I'm going to have a beer, "Tire Bite" I think, by Flying Dog beers, yeah. That will get me to relax & refocus a second & see if I want to work more. Then some more work (I know, stop it - but I have to get some stuff done) & sleep. Perchance to sleep.
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