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soccer - yay

This is during warmups. I love how Aurora is smiling in nearly every photo I took - most of them are blurry though: doh. Heh heh.

Aurora's Monday soccer game went really well & she got some great action on the ball, too!

I got some feedback from another parent days later who said "I love to watch Aurora play soccer: she's so small but she's dives right in and kicks the ball with such gusto" _ I liked this feedback; heh heh.

So, she's doing well at soccer, and although not the star of the team (Anna, a team-mate, has awesome control of the ball & great speed already in just 1st grade!) - Aurora's doing really well, and I can really see her getting a good control of the ball & a lot of action in during both games & practice.

And, more importantly: having a ton of fun & getting more fit while playing. Yah.

So, the coach emailed today & said it seems many of the girls on the team are not leaving town for the weekend & want to play, so we're going to hold our Saturday morning practice even though the normal Monday game has been pushed back to Friday. Yay for great coaches!

Athena had a great time making "rock & grass pie" with other siblings until the games started! There's actually a frisbee under that pile of rocks & they had fun moving & remaking the pie different ways many times, Athena was really into it, layering, patting, getting more rocks in small handfuls, shaping the sides, adding a layer of grass, more rocks.. patting it down; keeping up with these much older girls. I think Athena may have a small (?!) inclination toward the Sciences with such studious approach to ideas. It was fun to watch her build and work on this.
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