Alli (neugotik) wrote,

May Flowers

So, I've been taking Macro photos as long as I can remember getting away with stealing my mom's camera to use it. I recall her using these photos for cards to family as far back as 1982... so I guess that means I have been photographing flowers for 24 years. Yeah, long time. Mom had a great garden, so I had lots of choices, and Dad had a rose bed or two, also: so I had those, and asters and rhodies - then we moved to Tucson & planted Boganvilia (sp?) & many others, then back to Oregon to settle in Eugene: I was never short of a garden to photograph or a camera w/a macro lens to borrow.

Of course, you can still hate my aesthetic, heh: but it's pretty engrained at this point:

this one is weird because the intense storm light suddenly made verything -very- yellow; not sure if it works to enhance this burgundy red flower's drama, or if it's just "off"

Ferns - following the fall of the branch, looking down it like a slide.

chives - the purple flower variety; I have the white ones, too: but they won't bloom prob. until August.

here's the Allium bud again : I just love these. I want like, 60 more of them! *grin*

These have different backgrounds (leaves of plants behind) as well as slightly dif. angles, anypreferences between the supporting upward leaves and the falling, criss-crossed leaves in the 2 backgrounds?

Just goofing off here with the flashh since the yellow storm light had gone way too far out my camera can't do macro & flash (*sigh*) so I knew I would get the weird shadow & tried to work with it - can you see the "Non Stop Orange" sign?

Just coleus or something: it has a neat hotpink & green leaf. They have a hundred dif. varieties w/red, orange, pink and mixes. I always fall for the simple hot pink & green ones. - but, again it was tinged with a serious yellow from the storm at this point, so the pink is really downplayed here.
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