Alli (neugotik) wrote,

My weekend plans: clean, clean, & clean. And watch the kids

Post Script Edit: sometimes I just want to get rid of most my stuff to try to make it easier to clean, but it doesn't work. Last summer I gave away 3 or 4 van's full of stuff to the donation center, & threw out (recycled) just as much in paperwork I didn't need to save anymore, and it did not seem to make any difference.

Just now I took out 5 bags of recycling stuff (papers mostly, but stuff from the kitchen, art room/art supplies that could be recyled) - and, I can't tell anything is gone when I get back inside.

I guess it's like climbing a mountain: I just can't see the top until I get there, it's hard work going up & it just seems to go on & there's no summit. I just have to remind myself there really is a summit up there somewhere, and if I keep working hard at it, I can get there. *sigh*

Sometimes I feel like this character, "Frankie", who's like a punk rock big-sister who somehow ended up in an all-day cleaning & "kid care" roll in life. She's from "foster's home for imaginary friends" on Cartoon Network (she spends all of her time doing chores around the house or driving the imaginary friends to fun places, where she sits & waits in the van for them to be done having a good time, then she goes back to clean more, where other characters complain about the quality of her cleaning, and the cleaning is never ever done, and every time she turns around the imaginery friends have spilled stuff, broken stuff & made another huge mess: heh heh. At least I'm not alone in this world; er. Well, if I can count imaginary cartoon characters)

although I'd rather feel like this version of the same character, ha:

Tags: cleaning, weekends

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