Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Art Supplies

Wow, I'm still up cleaning. Heh. Well, good progress since the kiddos went to sleep; reorganized both their "art supplies" shelf & mine.

Their shelf has markers, crayons, paints, coloring books, ribbons, beading stuff, other misc. craft basics, paper making supplies, science kits for slime & volcanoes & an old skool Spirograph set, Aurora's computer games, loose papers, all my craft magazines for ideas (mostly Family Fun, but also some MrthStwrt & BtrHmsGrds - too tired to type). So those were all just stuffed in there, and now are in containers & spaced out, much more usable.

My stuff is mostly letter writing supplies, dried flowers, some pastels and my crayons, glues of all types from Modge Podge to White Glue to Glue Sticks, soldering gun, tacks, glitter, sealant spray, and MTG on the top shelf - ya know, my art supplies. Yay - so that's better now too. I am guilty of putting my tapes, batteries, sharpies, and my beading stuff w/the kids beading stuff on their top shelf: but they can't reach it so it's okay. =)


I do still have some piles to sort,and while it looks cruddy now, I think it's pretty small compared w/where I started... a lot of this is recycling, much of it goes in the new containers & just needs to be sorted, another stack is for the garden (seeds & clear plastic containers to put around seedlings: The DRAT Rabbits ate a bunch of my sunflowers: grr. They were under a bush & mixed in the grass & they still found some good amount of them. I better move to surround the remaining seedlings; thus-the clear plastics that I would normally recycle are going out to this project in the backyard & side yard). K.
Tags: cleaning, craft projects, garden, kids, weekends

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