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Today I did, ab-crunches, leg lifts, gardening w/the kids (not as much of a workout, but fun, and still lots of digging/bending/chasing ; er, heh) -

& a few loads of laundry (lots of carrying up & down stairs, lifting, twisting, turning while lifting) It is easy to not think about this until injuries - but after my car wreck in 2000 (where a Ford Expedition:read, really large SUV, ran a red light & totalled the van I was driving to work)

- well, doing laundry was one of the hardest things to get back to without pain; took years, it's really tough work on the low back, even if you're careful to use your legs it is just so easy to accidenatlly lift with the back instead of the legs & abs).

I also cleaned the floors - I felt best about the ab-crunches and leg lifts though, because those were for the sake of exercise, no excuses, and I could feel the burn in the areas I was working: so that felt really good.

Cleaning progress:
Vacuumed Kitchen Dining Room & Living Room, and Athena's room

-Mopped the main rooms,

cleared the paper projects off the flat surfaces in the main rooms;

did a few loads of Laundry.

Cleaned all the spots/streaks/penmarks/etc off the walls : Mr.Clean's Magic Eraser is Awesome. Did dishes & Cleaned the countertops & stoveback, and splashboard areas (shiny steel so the water marks even show - need to use vinegar or other cleaner to avoid streaks).

Cleaned the bathroom mirror & counter.

AND, cleaned the upstairs & downstairs toilets. Eww.

Still need to clean:
Gah, so much. Main area which will also be the slowest for me, is all the storage bins of stuff & my clothes in the bedroom, overflow art stuff, projects, things to mail to family members, donation stuff:

... it's more of a mental task then a physical task at this point. Although the physical work left is still ominously large, it pales in comparison to my mental blocks. Heh.

Then, finish laundry.

I also need to help Aurora put away her clothes and toys - & Athena too; it would be so awesome to get Athena a cheap Ikea storage bin for toys: the plastic ones that double as benches would work & the green would match her jungle themed-room.

And the downstairs really needs to have the floor cleaned but it's not a priority like the kids rooms at this point; esp. since it looks like the game this weekend will be at the gameshop, so why clean the downstairs floor? Hah. Nope, it still needs to be cleaned.

Right, well, maybe after the pets: the fish need new water & to have the filter changed super badly, that actually comes before cleaning the kids rooms because I procrastinated it the last 2 weekends, so that's really first, tomorrow.

And then the cats need their kitty litter changed & the floor swept up around there: I finally got them a little plastic mat for thier paws, so I hope they like it & it helps keep the litter from getting on the floor as much. Guess we'll see after I do that chore & set up the new cat-mat.

I'm not really just cleaning:
I also have some artsy projects I wanted to get to, and which will contribute to reducing clutter if I complete them, and I need to mail my mom's bday gift, which was done on time, but it is being mailed late, she said it's cool, but I do want to send it off, I'll do that if the grocery store is taking drop-offs to mail out, but it might not be.. well I can at least get it wrapped up to go & addressed.

And I still have a few more seeds to get into the garden, the kids were having fun so I'll see if they want to help. We actually did manage to cut out those plastic containers & "surround" the seedlings that have popped up to discourage the bunny salad bar effect (no : I don't even try for lettuce: they're nibbling on cucumbers, squash leaves, carrots, etc - they generally ignor the tomatos & basil/herbs, but there were quite a few sprouts obviously eaten already: grr.

Aurora also had a really long playdate with Lucas & Carson this morning - for many hours while Athena slept: I made them play outside since Athena was napping - they mostly played cars & washed them in the pool - they were also running back & forth between our house & theirs switching cars & getting water & I did put sunblock on all the kids: So hot out, it was -whew-.

And I also got a few loaves of bread, hamburger & hotdog buns at the breadsmith after dropping lunch off for Ang; got a Chocolate Babka roll I split w/the kids.

We also had a couple meals in there - I think I'll go try my hand at making some curried coconut tofu since the kids wanted nothing to do with that idea earlier, and they just wanted cheese melts, yogurts, cereal so I didn't cook.

Maybe it's too hot to cook though, I'll see how tired I am when I stand up. I'm pretty sore sitting down, so the longer I type the less likely I'll cook anything healthy & the more likely I'll just try to find a way to open the bottle of wine, since the wine opener walked off & hasn't returned home as far as I know. *sigh*

Maybe if I figure out how to open the wine, I'll wander downstairs & watch the last 2 episodes of LOST, which I missed since I've been too busy to think about TV until after 10pm : heh.. well, that's ok. TV is not a priority. I do want to watch LOST though; so I'll have to see if I'm up to that - I really just don't know.

Happy Birthday Toni! Sorry I couldn't make it to your bday party. Hope it's really fun, and I expect it will be.
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