Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Replacing the stove left... space to fix:

A place is made for a new fridge:

Which lacks some finishing ... too:

The lighting...also lacked something:

Natural Daylight:

Night Lighting:

And overall:

... The floor was dark, the counters damaged, the lights not sufficient & off-center in room, no hood but only a venting fan in the ceiling... and worn out cabinet hardware, and now new appliances not _quite_ fitting the spaces, and the rolling island has taken the place of the old fridge, but leaving a bit sticking out into the walkway, which could be fixed by unmounting the drawers and sliding over into some of the space by the new smaller stove; and the solid cabinets cut off the kitchen from the dining area, so glass doors would make this as well as the lighting better, and there is probably something else I'm forgetting, but this list became the goals of the new remodel plans.

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