Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Had a really nice & relaxing day

Wow: I totally procrastinated cleaning & just had a nice relaxing day. Heh heh. 'Course now that the kids are in bed, it's time to tackle the "stuff" list; but it's okay, it is so much easier without kids running around wanting: attention, food, to tackle hug me, to kiss me, to go outside & play, to bring me toys, to eat more food, to color with markers, to dance to music they want put on, to watch a cartoon with me, to have a pillow fight, to hug more: Yay, kids.

Ok - work time.

sort clean clothes and fold/put away towels/sheets
bag up more recycling & take outside
sort out stuff to mail & stack by destination (later box up)
clean fish tank
clean kitty litter
move rogue art-stuff back to the art room/office
move rogue toys back to the kids'rooms
recycle old magazines or put in "school donation" pile
maybe vacuum floors
at least most the scrubbing is done upstairs (did mopping, bathrooms, etc Sat/Sun)
thus: this is the mental task of organizing and *purging* the pack rat stuff of mine: eek.

We watched Lilo & Stitch II & the big sister comes in as Lilo & Stitch are wrestling & rolling across the floor, knocking stuff over, and she says "Aaa, guys! I just mopped!": and Aurora says "Mom, she's like you! Did you hear what she said 'Aa guys, I just mopped!' that's what you are saying all the time!"
Tags: cleaning, kids, weekends

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