Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Poker this Saturday? game starts at 2pm

Invite your friends, too: they're welcome! Just tell us how many when you RSVP. =)

Please RSVP to angelo -

He'd like to get the RSVP's by today, if possible,
or at least a "I'm thinking about it" so he can plan the event:
it is in Just 2 days: This SATURDAY!!
- Lunch is at 1pm, game starts at 2pm
. Should be LOTS of fun!!

Where? 6627 Penn Avenue South: there's plenty of seating And it's really comfy seating, too: Puffy black leather office chairs - yes, 60 of them... as an aside to lunch, there is also an ice cream & hotdog/nanchos shop right next door (well, basicall next door, I think it's actually literally 2 small shops over - it's an outdoor strip of shops, you know the kind?)
Tags: poker, rsvp

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