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Internet Neurality Bill up for a vote THIS WEEK.

I got this reminder today: Time to place 2 calls.

It's time. This week, the full House of Representatives votes on whether
to protect Internet freedom. Your representative needs to
hear solid constituent support for protecting Net Neutrality--the
Internet's First Amendment.

Here's an important detail: House members will be voting on a larger law
governing our nation's communications policy--and the current version of
this bill guts Net Neutrality. So we must ask every representative to vote
against this proposal unless it is changed to protect Net Neutrality.

Can you call on Rep. Sabo to vote "no" on the COPE telecommunications law if
it doesn't protect Net Neutrality?

Find their number here:
choose your state, click on the name, the contact info shows.

--it's best to call the Washington, D.C. office and
then your local office:

Some tips when calling:

1) If the staffer is making a tally of constituent calls, make sure they
have a category specifically for "Vote no on the COPE telecom law if it
doesn't protect Net Neutrality."
Otherwise, your representative may get a
diluted message and miss the point.

2) If they ask for more details, you can urge your representative to
support the bipartisan Sensenbrenner-Conyers Net Neutrality amendment (HR
5417) which passed the House Judiciary Committee two weeks ago with a
powerful 20-13 bipartisan majority. And if that amendment fails, they
should vote against the entire bill.

3) If you get a voicemail option, leave a message. They will get it.

Thanks for helping to save the Internet.

--Eli Pariser, Adam Green, Noah T. Winer, and the Civic Action
Monday, June 5th, 2006

P.S. Here is a new humorous video about Net Neutrality starring
Grammy-nominated musician Moby--asking people to call Congress. If you
forward it to 5 friends, you can help spread the word:
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