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Gardasil, Global Warming film, Labyrinth in the neighborhood, and so on..

Of interest?

* "An Inconvenient Truth" opens in Minneapolis this Friday. It's hard for me to stomach that I did a report on Global Warming 20 freaking years ago, just based on a PBS documentary I saw for my very first science report, it was about mysterious Ozone hole and potential causes of these "holes" or thinned out Ozone layer patches: and NOWthere are still corporations and aspects of government trying to surpress this information. Really, action to fix what we've damaged is essential for human survival.
* There's a cool, decent sized labyrinth hidden behind France Ave: Aurora & I spotted it from the 6th floor up at her dental cleaning a few weeks ago: think I'm going to take her there as we've both wanted to go check it out & walk the path.
* There's a new vaccine against STD's for women, I think it protects against 4 STDs, & it also nearly prevents Cervical Cancer, which is almost always caused by these STDs: Gardasil
& It's looking to be so effective that they may even move to make it a mandatory vaccine for kids: which makes lots of sense for teens/adults who might be having sex, but the controversy becomes: why vaccinate kids against STDs? Yeah, kinda a worst-case scenario evolves from that idea, but the vaccine seems to be a really great invention.
Merck has said the vaccine has the potential to reduce the annual number of new cervical cancer cases around the world from 500,000 to about 150,000, and cut deaths by more than two-thirds, to about 90,000.

In the phase III trial 12,167 women aged 16 to 23 were given either the vaccine or a placebo.

There was not a single HPV infection in women given three vaccine jabs, with the boosters at two and six months after the first. In comparison 36 out of 6080 women (one in 165) given placebo caught HPV.

There was one infection in a woman only given the first injection and not the boosters.

The vaccine, made by drug company Merck under the brand name Gardasil, guards against four varieties of HPV, of which there are over a hundred varieties.

It acts against types 16 and 18, which cause 70% of cervical cancer and against types 6 and 11, which cause 90% of genital warts.

Although it was trialled in women aged 16 to 23, HPV is such a ubiquitous virus that the challenge was in finding enough women who didn’t have it. Studies show that by the age of 26 over 50% of women have picked up an HPV infection. Koutsky said that ideally it should be given to nine-to-12-year old children before they reach adolescence.

The vaccine will not work with people who already have HPV – which includes the vast majority of gay men – though the research undertaken has produced promising leads towards a therapeutic vaccine too.

Last year 2,424 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in the UK, and 927 died. 3900 died in the USA. In the UK it’s the 11th most common form of cancer but worldwide it is the no 1 killer of women in some developing countries, and in women with HIV is an AIDS-defining condition.

However HPV also causes anal cancer, which is equally common in men and women.
Merck said they ‘eventually’ planned to seek approval to use Gardasil in boys and young men too.
Although they have done small studies in men, they did not disclose whether they had any efficacy data applying to men.

* I think the rain last night saved my plants, along with the leftover cooler water from the poker tourney which I carried out to them. My little tomatos basil & cucumbers & cantelope plants were in such dry dirt on the weekend, I was worried they might all wilt & die! I hope the water saved them (I have to figure out a a way to get a hose or hoses to reach the garden out back).
* And for fun: I like this meme because the list of ideas changes as often as users & interest lists change ~grin~

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. reading score: 16
2. music score: 15
3. beer score: 12
4. tattoos score: 10
5. skinny puppy score: 9
6. industrial score: 8
7. the cure score: 8
8. neal stephenson score: 8
9. dali score: 8
10. computers score: 7
11. sex score: 7
12. coffee score: 7
13. aphex twin score: 7
14. david bowie score: 7
15. tom waits score: 6
16. nine inch nails score: 6
17. monty python score: 6
18. jazz score: 6
19. bill hicks score: 6
20. joy division score: 6

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