Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Happy New Year !

I haven't been online in a month, as I have been busy with the babe ~ Here's a cute photo of the new girly girl (you

can see she's already got the 'family attitude' here: I've nicknamed this photo "peace-out, Dec '04" heh heh... and

below that are some more delicious family photos (gingerbread is so yummy! I have to admit I've cooked now 3 batches

of gingerbread cookies since December kicked off.. have to cut back on the cookie baking as soon as possibl3 - they

are too yummy).

Alli, Ang, Athena & Aurora

Athena, Grandpa Mike & Grandma Freya (my parents) & Aurora

Making the gingerbread cottage...

Sugar makes me grin...

cute in green

More sugar treats...

This is Crishana (Ang's sister) and Aurora & Athena on Athena's birthing day !

birthing day:

Here is something I bet many thought they wouldn't see: Angelo in surgery scrubs.. isn't he & Athena adorable?

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