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Randomly Selected Interests - meme

snagged from dusty_miller thanks for posting, this is a fun one!

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bob marley:
    music for the soul.
  2. collages:
    take beautiful images, mix them together & it makes an evolving story.
  3. fae:
    the idea of faeries and existences outside our realm of immediate perception.
  4. green living:
    we have to live in balance with the world to survive, and it actually makes for healthy, comfortable living. Live within your means: that also includes the planet's means.
  5. kids:
    I have kids, I find them very interesting, pretty much humans with all the potential, idealism, hope & dreams, ambitions and love, without all the negatives (yet) hopeful they'll grow to thrive - kids are all potential, and they're very attentive, also: they learn so fast- like a whip.
  6. museums:
    museums have found a wonderful way to display concepts, art, and idealism in a manner that allows for introspection, space, and reflection: I've always admired this, and enjoyed visiting as many as I can of the myriad of museums that exist.
  7. patterns:
    patterns: it's what the world is made of , ebb & tide - ripples, complexity math, the Mandelbrot set. It's all quite amazing.
  8. ruins:
    ruins are the traces of our most ancient history: sociology goes back forever, what have we learned? what have we forgotten? I find a deep sense of connection to the world & ongoing existence when I am at a ruins - it both amazes & inspires me.
  9. terry pratchett:
    He is a riot - I love to read his books, they make me literally laugh aloud: I can always use more of that. I got to meet him last year as well, and he is wicked-smart!
  10. zines:
    zines are the old-skool roots of sharing the ideas of today, pre-internet they were the blog, the web site, they were the mixtures of words, images and concepts: Xeroxed and passed around for free or pennies at coffee shops, universities, art houses: now they are hardly done, as we have the internet - but they remain a historic interest of mine: and a footprint in our society.

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