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weekend choices. Hm.

So, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is opening it's new wing on Sunday :

And the "Mosaic" 3-month city-wide arts & cultural festival is kicking off this weekend:

Aurora is having a birthday lunch on Saturday w/4 of her close friends who could not make the Lego Party but still wanted to celebrate.. and, my garden and yard need love & attention, as do the pets & house cleaning (it can always be better) - so I have a lot to do by default, but am also thinking about going to one of these festival type events.

Anyone else interested in checking out Mosaic or the MIoA new wing this weekend, probably Sunday afternoon, or late (evening) on Saturday? Just an idea - but they sound like fun. =) You can either comment or email if you're thinking about doing these events at all & want to go check em out together. There are also some movies opening I'm curious about.

I'm also distracted, I think it's time to go as I'm not going to get another drop of work done today - I'm too antsy & I really want to get outside!
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