Alli (neugotik) wrote,

my little weekend

Sat: watched Totoro with the kids, watched 123 Count with Me while making coffee, & sorting light/dark piles of laundry, starting the laundry now, then I will do the dishes, Then comes more fun stuff:

  • 11am take Aurora to soccer practice (Athena & I hang out & watch)
  • - Aurora has a birthday lunch w/4 friends plus 2 toddler siblings (Athena & Madeline),
  • then if we're up to it Lucy's son Julian is turning 5 & we were invited by davedash so we're going to go to that if the kids are not a ball of exhaustion (read: grumpy as all get out)-
  • If they kids get a nap & feel great, there are lots of music & dance events going on around town tonight for the Mosaic kickoff - including Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre from 6-7 on 9th & Hennepin according to that linked page of tonight's events... , so we might wander there, since the kids always have fun at the HoftheB events. If we're out at Lucy's we'll prob. stop on the way back, if we don't go to Lucy's - we'll stay home,
  • Then at home, I continue Laundry & clean, and there is all the kids meals mixed in there somehow (!?dinner?!) maybe watch the final episode of LOST which I missed but it's recorded on our Xbox360. so that's today's (*busy!) Plans.

    Sun: I want to Mow if it isn't wet or rainy. I also should weed, and see if I can get some other kind of outdoor exercise in: maybe walking the kids to the park. Aurora wants to practice roller skating. *grin* - that's a good high energy sport. The Wall Street Journal just did a report on the best activities for kids to learn, and how their activity intensity helps the body apparently to ward off such horrors as Breast Cancer when adults. The top of the list is :
  • "in-line skating" @ 12.5 followed by
  • jumping rope @ 10.0
  • tennis @8.0
  • aerobic dance @7.0
  • soccer @7.0
  • lap swimming @7.0
  • bicycling @6.0
  • mowing lawn @ 6.0
  • basketball @ 6.0
  • softball @ 5.0
  • horseback riding @ 4.0
    Obviously they didn't rank everything but this gives a good idea of some relative sports & their intensity levels, as rating on a "metabolic intensity" or "met level" -above 6.0 are best for loweriing breast cancer risk (and I'm sure other similar disease conditions).

    So then,
  • Tentative plans to see Cars with novamx3 & his kids (who will also be at the birthday lunch; so it depends if they've been good enough to earn a movie, as I understand it ; grin: kids. They're such delightful, smile-filled troublemakers! hee hee.)
  • Then I have to help Aurora with more reading homework & help her clean her room (clean my stuff more, too). I am giving her point for reading & writing through-out the summer: I hope it helps motivate her! So far she seems to like it.
  • I want to bake a Cheesecake, for mrsmodew's BBQ which starts at 4pm - so I need to do that early if it is going to chill for a sufficient time to be perfect.
  • Then, the BBQ at 4pm w/ the kids - hopefully they'll have fun so we can hang out a little while.
  • Back home after that to get the kids to bed -
  • & maybe I'll get to go out? I have ambitions of maybe going to visit Kelly ktig at Grumpies, if angelo is up to watching the kids from 7-9pm sometime; we'll see - then it is back to work Monday, so I'll need to sleep (in theory!).

    Wonder how much I'll get to do.
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