Alli (neugotik) wrote,

kitchen photos...


Thought some of you might be wondering where the cliffhanger of our kitchen project ended up, since the last photos. Basically it only has the cupboard doors & drawers to finish, and all the essentials were done in time for us to move back into the kitchen & dining room to have dinner in there for my birthday (Dec.3rd) : a wonderful way to spend birthday dinner!

Here are some updated photos, and I'll have to be sure & add more when the cupboard doors are done, but that might wait until spring & warmer weather (I hope so, actually!) as the kitchen is perfectly usable without the cupboard doors, and it will be some decent amount of sanding, painting & sealant to get them done,so the garage would be a *wonderful* place for all of that mess to occur (Please!! Heh heh...)

the kitchen:

the dining room to sunroom:

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