Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Fun day!

<-- flowers from my front flowerbed ... I took this June 9th

We had a wonderful lunch at Karey's with the 7 kids, Karey Bill novamx3 & me - calm & the kids had a blast; had brownies with chocolate frosting. The kids also played basketball, baseball & soccerball in the yard, played on cars, with toy cars, and with Misto their dog - all told it was really fun & we stayed for nearly 3 hours! .. afterwards on the drive to our next destination, I noticed I got a tummy ache because I haven't been eating much sugar and my tum did -not- like it.

Then we went to Lucy's son's birthday, this was out in White Bear, so a bit of a drive, but well worth it. It was a birthday party & combo housewarming, and there were different kids there but just as many & they played, we had cabobs and fruit salad and the kids nibbled on a bit more cake. Got to say hey to davedash & ketiya & Ryan (I don't think he has an LJ) & Lucy and many others- fun to get a bit of socializing in. The kids played with those expando balls - giant snakes (Aurora gave one to Julian & brought her own 4 year old one she loves, which she got one birthday from thaadd, and brought that in to play with after the gifts were opened, as well... and they played catch the snakes in the expando-ball trap, and other games) & train sets, cars, and really had a good time. We ended up staying there until 7:30pm (3 hours!) so skipped the downtown events, plus the weather wasn't encouraging.

This morning before the party I somehow snuck in some laundry, swept the whole downstairs, changed the kitties litter box 100% out; and added the new 'paw cleaning mat' - hope they like it. It should help with the scatter of litter outside the box (*sigh*). Tonight I'm hoping to do more laundry, the dishes & put my winter clothes into a storage bin. After the kids are in bed, though! *smile* They are Tired!

Time to get them a bath & bed! =)
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