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*Thanks mrsmodew & aelburr for hosting a really fun BBQ! I hope your mom has had a splendid visit, mrsmodew! The food was delish, esp. your homemade salsa: Yum!! And the Badminton was so much fun! *grin* I really had a great time, and so did the kids. Thanks for inviting the whole crew.

*I also renewed our NPR membership, as those of you who listen know, that at least here in MN, it's the fiscal quarter-end & they're pulling to raise funds & if you listen you can call in during a pledge-matching time, and effectively double your donation: I know Best Buy, for example, was matching pledges this morning, and anyhow: I use that more then any other media resource, so I feel good about contributing.

*I am pretty excited about the wind power programs in MN : technically the voice of the people could make the majority of Xcel energy in MN wind-based: it's built on demand as expansion is needed, which is sweet.

*If you want it, you just have to request it & pay a few extra dollars per month (you choose exactly how much or how little - we went on the 300 kWh/month program at the start of the year- it's a good amount of our monthly energy yet really affordable: only $6/month (the lowest rate is I think $2/month - and you can go all the way up to 100% windpower) - anyhow, it's neat, and it allows the consumer to demand windpower over non-renewable defaults.

*So if you live in Minnesota, even if you rent & don't own your property, you can sign up here if you want to also switch some or all of your electricity/etc to Wind-based power: Windsource. (1 block = 100 kWh @ $2.00 per month.) Not too surprisingly, a report I heard stated that a strong support is showing in people in their 20's having signed up for the Windpower option. Yay.

This was our usage in 2005, what a jump in the summer for AC usage! I asked for an updated graph, I want to make sure we've lowered our usage back down again this year & need feedback to verify it's down overall - no need to leave stuff running all the time!

My Verigated Nasturtiums in the front yard; took this photo last week sometime

*My garden plants are still alive, but wimpy. They're not happy about the heat & lack of water thus far this month. They did get a little water this weekend again, and I did go to look for hoses, but the places I stopped were all sold-out of every hose except the super-deluxe $46 hose: if I'm going to pay that much I'll order a 'green' lead-free version online. Bah. So, they're still there - small though.

*And, I didn't mow, because after the grass dried on Sunday it looked so wimpy & half-dead I felt badly for it & couldn't figure it really needed a mowing. Plus I was busy doing laundry & playing with the kids. However, it prob. would do a tad bit better if it was mowed (less seeds to feed/more to put into growing the base back from the dry heat) - however it seems futile this time of year to worry about grass; It's just too hot in this region for grass to thrive wo/too much care & some expense.
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