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The End Is Nigh (of the internet as we know it )

Dear Allison,

Last week, the House of Representatives dealt a blow to Internet
freedom--voting to gut Net Neutrality and give companies like AT&T and
Verizon more control over what you see and do online.

But your representative, Martin Sabo, voted to protect Internet freedom
and deserves our thanks [1].

This issue is far from over. All eyes are now on the Senate, where we face
a more friendly environment. Our Coalition is
energized for this fight. But we've got to act fast--the telecom lobbyists
are working on every vote.

Can you call Rep. Sabo to say thanks for supporting Internet freedom, and then
call Senators Mark Dayton and Norm Coleman to demand support for Net Neutrality?

Here are the numbers:

Congressman Martin Sabo
Phone: 202-225-4755

Senator Mark Dayton
Phone: 202-224-3244

Senator Norm Coleman
Phone: 202-224-5641
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