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I'm also a"Good Girl"! ~or~ The story of "Donits"

uploading mega-ton of files to the server, so time for a story:

The "donit" story:

I asked Aurora to think about what meals she would like to eat this week & add them to the grocery list I had started on Sunday morning.

I came back awhile later & she declared she was done & handed me back the list. She had added:

forfrecokies (for free cookies)

Aurora had written "donits" at the top of the page & at the bottom of the page.

She had also connected these with a nice arrow from both words, to a picture she had drawn of a circular donut/doughnut, which kinda looked like it had a smiley face drawn into the frosting, too - I think Aurora might be picking up on some of my UML documentation style - heh hehe
- I kinda like her spelling of the word better, though "donits". Kind of looks like "done it" as in "now I've done it!"

So, I said if the girls were both good helpers at the grocery store & ate up their dinner, they could have doughnuts for dessert.

Ok, well, dinner went well, I got corn on the cob (unhusked, because for some reason I have great memories of having a blast husking corn with my brothers for summer meals - and I've always kinda associated the smell of the corn being husked & the whole "cooking project" as a key element of summer.)

So: the kids learned to husk corn, and they really had fun with that - giggling, putting the bag for husks on their heads and just having fun with the whole thing... & Aurora asked about the soft tassles and then we cleaned up, cooked the corn (I let the girls put the corn they had husked into the water, which they were excited to do, too) - and we had BBQ burgers, with all the toppings (Tomatoes, Pickles, mayo ketchup mustard options, etc). . .

After the kids were done I went & got the doughnuts & let Aurora pick one first (they were the same type, both with chocolate frosting, raised doughnuts with black & green sprinkles).

Athena got very excited when she saw them, even though she hasn't had this type before. Heh. I think they eminate "sweet thing" all over them! =) She's also had other types of doughnuts & may have just recognized them as akin to something good she's had before.

Well: Aurora said "Thanks, mom!"

Then I put the other doughnut on Athena's plate & she leans forward like she wants to hug me.. and so I lean forward and she looks me right in the face, pats me on the shoulder, like she does when she's really happy about something (or comforting someone, too) and she continues to pat me on the shoulder enthusiastically, and looks me in the eyes like "this is serious" and says "Goo'Grl, goo-grl goo'grl"

- hee hee. She was saying I was a "Good Girl" for getting her a doughnut. She was totally doing what I do when she's done something I'm proud of her for doing.
Then she kissed me on the lips like she does when she's really happy & said "Goo'Grl; Goo'Grl" again. Then she started eating her doughnut. heh. I guess she views me getting doughnuts for her as something to be encouraged! Heh.

Accolades from the kids - all for "donits"

Athena nappin' today ~ cute!
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