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Summer Solstice ~ Yay!

  • Happy Summer Solstice! - try to get outside & enjoy the real world at least a little bit, today!

  • The girls want to stay up later & later with these long days - especially Aurora. It's hard to argue with them, some of the most pleasant weather is now, and it's hard to leave it just to go to bed (especially if the whole day was spent at work, for me) - I'm trying to accomidate this, while maintaining enough sleep for both of them.. thus far, we're good. =)

  • I like this idea: a map of friend's places, we be far, but in spirit we are near. Add your location if you want, thanks! It's good to remember that even when we feel alone, there are people out there who think about us & care about us, even if they are not right here next to us.

  • It's good to keep reminding myself the world is much more then just my day to day existence.

    Look at where my Friends are!

    MyGeoSpots Map
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