Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Pete Tripp


Anyone who wants to read about my brother Pete & his life please do come out to the website we've put up for people to share their love, memories & photos of Pete:

Thank you also for your words of support, my brother was an amazing person, and I only hope one day I can help people and give as much love to the world as he did through his many good works and positive optimism which he shared with everyone he met.

Pete believed the world could be changed through the way people understood each other and the world so he was working on his master's degree in philosophy and was hoping to be a philosophy teacher. He had just graduated last year cum laude in both chemistry & philosophy; and I am especially hurt for his long-term girlfriend Amie Manos. Pete wanted to have a family so much, and he would've been an awesome dad and teacher. As it is, even in his much-too-short lifetime of almost 23 years, he inspired many people, and we'll all be better for the bit of time we got to spend with Pete.

I would love to share a hundred photos with everyone, but I will just post a few, my brother's smile was contagious: he made everyone smile because he was so full of joy. ~Alli

Pete & his girlfriend Amie Spring 2004

Pete & Aurora & me in our Mpls garden August 2004

Pete & friends climbing Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Pete as a kid was always thoughtful person: here he is in an introspective moment at Crater Lake, Oregon in 1997

This is a photo a friend of Pete's took of him in 2004 swimming in a really ice cold river & waterfalls: I just love how this exuberant smile typifies Pete: his happiness and how he really embraced life, loved his friends and I wanted to share these photos. I will always love you Pete.


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