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Angelo is off on his 2 week road trip - whew - !

Well, angelo left this morning for his 2 week trip road trip to New York, so it's just me & the kids here for the next 2 weeks.

I am so relaxed. It's really nice.

I feel so rushed all the time, with expectations to get things done constantly. I feel like my vacation just started too, in a way. No one will be asking for clean laundry and dishes & all kinds of stuff - so I can just pace everything for these 2 weeks. Nice.

It feels kinda like coming out of the rapids on a river - all that were drawing me forward broke open into a nice meandering banked river - ah. This is pretty nice. Yeah, ok, rapids are fun, but not -all the time!- Lol. And, if I want to pick up the pace it'll be my initiation, for the next 2 weeks.

I think I'm going to make a bunch of foods I usually avoid too... (since Angelo doesn't eat them)... I'm thinking, like Thai Peanut Chicken & Grilled Salmon Burgers, and .. hm, so many options. Probably make some Coconut Thai stir fry,

and... I'll be working at home on the days Aurora isn't at full day school (Athena still is at preschool each weekday) - so I'll be working at home 4 of these days - the 4th is a holiday and I took the 3rd for PTO thus - I can really really set my own pace - this is good.

Next day in the office? Tuesday - lots to do, but on my own schedule, or based on daily deadlines, sure: but it's not in cubeville: that's the best part! And, I can even work outside on the wireless - sweet.
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