Alli (neugotik) wrote,

breakfast of champions! charms, LOST, Mouse Trap.

Oh my! Athena has eaten 2 whole (kid sized) yogurts, a half-bowl of cereal, & 3 fig newtons! She did however, throw her milk on the floor after all that food (thank goodness for sippy cups!)

In other news, theBead Monkey is having it's semi-annual bead sale & they have "grab bags" (which are see-through) of about 30 charms/per bag at just $2.50/bag! Woot. I let Aurora get a couple bags of these yesterday to make jewelery.

She's having so much fun. All of it is still designated for jewelery at this time, except the 5 3D squirrels, which she has decided she just wants to play with. (I did ask & the Bead Monkeyhas tested all these charms & they pass FDA very low-lead pewter requirements) I'm still hoping she stops playing with the squirrels today & I may intervene if nec. but so far they've just sat on her dresser in a family "group" so I'm okay with that!... any how, it's likely that she'll decide to stop playing with them on her own. As jewelry though, these charms are darling.

And yeah, I finally got to watch the last few episodes of the last season of LOST with my friend mr_chibi_jester who was kind enough to hang out & watch LOST w/me ~ Yay!

Aurora wants to play Mouse Trap "right now" & I haven't gotten to play all week despite her poliet requests : so, yay for weekends, now I can finally take the time to play Mouse Trap! Excellent. Athena will have to be on my team. heh.
Tags: kids, weekends

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