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Good Friends.

Thanks to all you awesome folks who came over last night - mrsmodew, aelburr, thaadd, Don, Joey, Kegan mr_chibi_jester, epidemic99, novamx3, Lily, Julian, crytel,cari_rose, it was so much fun hanging out & talking, playing Guillotine while the kids were up ... & then after they were in bed.. a few rounds of Puerto Rico, with teams even, so many playing! ... until .. well a good number of us kept play until.. what was it, 6am? That was sweet. I love you guys, lets get together again soon?

PS (Edit): I forgot to mention, while we played Guillotine in the living room - the kids played Mousetrap just to build the trap - since there were 6 kids they couldn't take turns) -, and then played Dora the Explorer (a problem/solutions style board game) too - so the kids got a night of gaming in, too! Yay. They were totally into it! Heh, the only problem was which game(s) to play & they sorted that out really well, I was quite impressed.
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