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Looking for good exercises.

I'm looking for some good upper arm exercises (esp. if I can do them at my desk) w/just small 5 lb weights - esp. triceps & shoulders, but also upper back/delts. I know the bicep curl, but have yet to find anything I notice for triceps/shoulders/pecs too, I guess that uses weights (I know push-ups work, but I'm looking for something I can do w/weights as well) - or arm combinations that would be awesome.

I'm also wondering if anyone knows some good exercise(s) for the abdominal obliques & lower abs - I miss having a gym membership for their abs equipment but I'm just looking for stuff to do at home.

Do yoga balls really work for this? Or some alteration on the crunch (which does my upper abs well but even bicycle & twisting crunches don't seem to do much for me on the obliques/side muscles.. maybe I'm just doing them wrong?)

So in summary, I'm looking to start adding these to the workouts I've been doing:

  • triceps
  • shoulders
  • pectorals
  • oblique abdominal
  • lower abdominal

    And the aerobic exercises 2-3 hours per week are really noticeable: I can run for quite a ways now wo/getting winded! Yay~ maybe I'll even be able to take up running again someday.

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    EDIT: I've decided to try these:
    side lateral raise
    Front Dumbbell Raise
    Seated Dumbbell Press
    This overall upper body tutorial - obv. I'm going really light weight though. I donno - I'll just try these & see how they work for me.

    I don't want anything like these muscle builder bodies: I just like their tutorials since they diagram out all the muscle groups & give good details on how to do the exercise & tips to avoid problems.

    and I'm looking into Pilates for the abs. =) Here's a Pilates Abs Tutorial Neat!

    Thanks for all the recommendations.
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