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  • I feel weird because I still don't even want coffee. (?!)

  • Aurora was cute this morning - she's wearing these carpenter style jeans for the first time & I said they were really cute, .. but she might want to roll up the cuff they were a tad bit long (to the bottom of the shoe like everyone likes them) & she said "nah" & I said "well, they might get all dirty then when you walk around" & she responds (without pause) "I'll be crawling around anyway, so they'll get all dirty anyway" Ah, the logic & literalness of kids. (yes, she won that argument).

  • My friend KTIG is planning to hang out w/me tonight: Yah!

  • It's nice & sunny out, somehow that makes focusing on work difficult. I can't wait for this upcoming 4 day weekend! I'm going to take the kids camping up at my grandparents cabin (yes camping outside, but not all the other worry & planning needed: it's like my 'cheat camping": *grin* - I figure they have fun, as it gets them used to the different aspects of sleeping outside so as they get older I'll be able to take them on real camping trips!)

  • That's about it, I'm going to skip the coffee again today & see how I feel by 3pm (that's when I had a drop off yesterday & I think exercise is a much better pick-me-up then coffee so we'll see how that goes this week).

  • Oh, and my 2-3 / week exercises seem to be really helping - I can run quite a ways without getting winded now! I'm even pondering taking up some running during the week (not very far, but I think it would feel really good to do some running in the morning or evening) We'll see. I'd have to figure out when I could schedule it!
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