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Still no coffee & no cravings - I blame summer, I think the winter must give me the blahs & I'm just over it for now! Woot.

Also, I've lost another 5 lbs according to the scale, I hardly believe it, that's pretty sweet though (I'm weighing in at 165 now).

Weekend plans:
  • cleaning (always!) &
  • camping (woot!) &
  • lake swimming (the best - this icon is from the lake we'll be swimming in, actually) & saunas (yeah, uh huh) &
  • seeing family (my family is actually really cool: I love seeing them, I feel so lucky for that)...
  • then fireworks somewhere on Tuesday - somewhere I've gotten some good suggestions - anyone have favorites or places they are planning to go watch the fireworks?
  • Monday's kinda open, I'm thinking of doing some art projects (hopefully).

    Have a wonderful weekend & don't forget to play outside! *smile*
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