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long weekends are good.

  • I & the girls spent last night hanging out w/Karey across the street & her husband Bill & their kids (Lucas & Carson like to play with Aurora & Madeline plays with Athena as they're both younger) - it was so much fun just chilling while the kids had rice-pasta & Karey's wheat-free chocolate cake w/icing & apple juice boxes. The kids played in the yard for a few hours while we just sat around & hung out and talked, I enjoy that kinda down time.

  • Tonight is fireworks, I still have to decide if I'm up to driving over to the river (where it will be much cooler to watch the fireworks) or if I'm just going to go to the local city park (that's where we went last year & the year before) Heh. Yeah, odds are in favor of the shorter drive, but we'll see.

  • Went to the Edina 4th of July parade today; Aurora was going to walk with the soccer league - they were place #67 in the parade, so what we did was watch 1 through 66 (heh) & then she joined in the parade. She got red white blue beads - 2 Frisbees (which is way cool, I think) & bunches (hordes) of candy, and even a R, W & B popsicle bomb pop. The kids had a good time - Athena melted her popsicle some so part of it fell on the ground, then she later decided to throw her baseball hat in it (argh) so that's soaking in the sink now. Overall the parade was worth going to. - I liked the unicyclists, and Athena really dug the jugglers. Aurora loved the giant grey dappled Clydesdales that were pulling a sousa band & then later were 4 very fancy ponies with long well-brushed manes that were cantering (or kinda running? Is that the right word?) down the street- She LOVED those. Heh. I took a few photos - maybe I'll post a couple if they turn out.

  • Then we went out for Thai food & Aurora tried the hibiscus tea & said it was "too sweet" wow; that's a first (No added sugar either) - then Aurora and Athena both seem to really enjoy sharing a coconut curry chicken stir fry with rice - I'm glad they're getting diverse food options. It makes options as you get older seem so much easier (I think; I could be wrong). Anyhow, that was a good lunch.

  • Well that's it for updates for now! Hope you're all having a lovely holiday, too!
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