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4th of July - a few more weekend photos & 2 memes

The kids had a great time at fireworks last night! Me, Aurora & Athena went to see the Edina fireworks, as per an offer from Karey Bill & their 3 kids to give us a ride there (who could resist such an easy night out for fireworks?!) It was lovely: we managed to somehow find a quiet hill with a grassy lawn and a perfect view of the Huge fireworks going off above the park trees. It was just what I had hoped for.

The kids came up with their own nicknames for the fireworks & Karey and I shared our nicknames with the kids as we saw old-favorites we would tell them our little names for them ;
  • Karey has "sizzlers" & "hissers" & other sound-based names,
  • I have "falling stars" & "waterfall" & "strobes" for various light effects
  • And the kids came with a bunch - the one that stuck the best was "Skotchers" _ for the fireworks that look like a whole bunch of fireflies flying around as they fall...

    I also saw one firework design I had never seen before! It was akin to the simple-circle or multiple circle pattern fireworks - but this on was a simple swirl in purple ... stunning in it's simplicity & lack of tracers. I really liked it - I think the pattern must've been a real trick to set up! I figure that's why they only had one in the whole show, too. It was nice.

    And now for some more photos from our weekend up at the family cabin! yay!

    Tilly wants to play!

    Aurora, Ten & Steve kicking the ball around the yard area...

    Diogee wants a turn too. He even has his own DoGgie SOccer ball at the ready! (pre-deflated! *grin*)

    Athena playing - she LOVES soccer balls.

    Cousin Peggy walking by the soccer game

    Athena has an after-soccer snack: Note the pretty pink soccer ball in the background? That one's Aurora's! (it was a birthday gift from her good friend Sam)
    And just for fun: some silly memes - hee hee:

    Gosh, this sounds good:
    You Belong in San Diego

    Laid back and friendly, you were meant to live most of your life on the beach.
    You usually think everything is "all good"... except when the weather dips under 60F.
    You stay classy - especially when you're in Tijuana!

    Hm, really no surprise. The ball of twine is oddly familiar... *grin*
    You Are 36% Obsessive

    You tend to have a few obsessive thoughts, but you generally have them under control.
    Sometimes your worries keep you up at night, though they usually don't interfere with your life.

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