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  • It was Larry's & Charles' (planbproduction) birthday on the 5th - Larry came over to help Ang (angelo) build another wall in the basement - so while he was here I baked him a cheesecake. Hope he liked it - they went out to a late night showing of Superman at IMAX with other friends & didn't get back until way after me & the girls were asleep. He took the cheesecake w/him, though: so that's good! Maybe he split it, & maybe he shared some w/his twin bro. Ricky who's his roommate right now, too.. that would be awesome. I was asleep so I don't know. Heh.

  • I did save 2 pieces for the girls & they quite enjoyed those as a breakfast treat before school ( I figure treats are better served earlier in the day rather then late/at dinner/before bedtime!)

  • We saw an awesome King Fisher at the cabin: I forgot to mention that; he must be nesting right by the cabin because we saw him constantly flying out over the water & up into some nearby trees. He was huge for a kingfisher : everyone was quite impressed by his size! He was so noisy, too! Chattering like a squirrel when he flew over, flapping his wings super fast. I don't know any other bird that flies like that - it was like a huge fisher-hummingbird! *grin* Nah, not really, but still quite an impression. Even the kids noticed: now that is saying somthing about birds, right? (or, my crazy bird-watching family, maybe) Heh.

  • I got my tuition pre-approval forms filled out & emailed my boss = all he has to do is sign them, then I have to get really serious about studying.

  • I also got word back on the error in my job title & essentially all my boss has to do is go into my profile & edit it. I forwarded him that message from HR (human resources: yeah, I'm a tool) - and all he has to do now is decide if he wants to fix it or not. I can't do anything else at this point. It doesn't affect anything - just my company records (they're both "IS & T Administative" titles so it won't change anything except what someone reading my title expected me to be doing all these years - someone in I.T. would get the wrong idea with my current title (which is "Sr. Web Applications Developer" _ that makes me sound like a programmer, which I'm not - It was supposed to be "Sr. Business Analyst, Web Development") well : yammer yammer, maybe it'll get fixed now.

  • I had appreciation on 2 fronts at work, which is always nice - I helped renegotiate our server contracts mid-cycle so we could do a server migration, which will hopefully save the programmers lots of headaches & time on a newer, clean OS. I also helped debug a Flash application with the awesome & awesome help of thunder_monkey who actually did the problem solving - and I gave him full credit to the team - I just connected the dots between different issues and helped by being stubborn, bugging Rackspace a lot, setting up logs, and finally calling Brandon 2 times - one of which was the (apparent) last issue in the series of problems that were hounding my poor content producer all week: she was haggard when she said our boss had given her permission to bring me in on the troubleshooting on Thursday. Glad I could help turn it around. Hopefully we found 'em all thunder_monkey I was serious : you should come over for a beer this weekend & hang out!

  • My goals this weekend are pretty simple - and, amazingly flexible, so I don't have anything but the sleep over "scheduled" in my mind - so that's kinda nice. It looks busy, but a lot of this is just little stuff that is quick to do & check off.

    Cleaning Kids Me
    X mop floors
    2 times, too
    X bake Peanut Butter & Jelly muffins w/kids X hm. I don't know: weed water the garden?
    X laundry (3 loads this weekend- gah). X have their friends over for a Saturday sleepover X exercise each day
    mow lawn- now it's 'fix/troubleshoot mower's issue' X play outside / sprinklers if hot (get some plants watered too, then) X watch some film (King Kong maybe?)
    played texas $1 freezeout & win - luck, yeah, king pair final hand up against aces - snap? Maybe _ it was slow but I won. yay.
    X kitty litter move offsize kids clothes bins to storage clean my room (did some of it; waiting for shelf move to finish)
    put up 3 shelves in living room X fix kid's door knob (thx4thehelp novamx3) 1 shelf put up in my bedroom (need help moving it)
    X & posters
    X hang art in living room
    haul junk cabinets to U.G. dumpster try to take time to exchange a broken toy (recent gift) send my mom & big bro packages
    clean up art room table (full of kids stuff mostly) fix the doll house table & ripped binding on popup book X work on some bottlecap art? button & magnet making kit with Aurora & Athena - they had a blast doing this. *grin* I think we'll do it again soon.
    X dishes
    X 2times
    X clean the kids' rooms
    X walk & bike to the park for a couple hours with Aurora & Athena Sunday- yay. They had a ton of fun on the swings & riding around the park loop. Kids there had set up a slippery slide down a big hill & into the park: It looked like tons of fun, too. *grin* Aurora talked with them for a bit, but logically informed me that we would need swimsuits to participate. heh.
    X Cooking... try to make this Thai peanut chicken I have a recipe/mix for w/all the kids I just ended up making a few batches of Mac & Cheese, Pizza, Grilled cheese sandwiches, and the ilk - heh. Maybe during the week I'll get around to my chicken recipe.
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