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Saturday evening: Aaaahhh.. my night off. (heh but w/4 super cute kids).

How can 4 kids be so easy? Am I just lucky, used to it, or are they great kids? maybe all of the above. - Anyhow, 2 friends sleepin' over: we made homemade playdoh, made window-sticky paintings out of a special paint, I taught the older girls how to do princess drawings 101 - played with the playdoh some more : they asked for tea & actually "requested>?!" tension tamer tea : thank goodness for the dragon & princess on the box - that was mid-evening. Heh. we read Bernstein Bears like, who's afraid of the dark , or something - and the kids were just cool . A few bickerings, sure: so & so threw a pegasus at so & so - and so & so kicked me. but it was pretty mellow. I think they are so darn cute, I can't get mad. I mean, & plus: they didn't do anything really naughty, so it's easy. PS: I did put Athena to bed at 8pm, but she cried for over a half hour: she just wanted to play with the other kids: so I let her out of her crib & her & Julian ran around growling at each other, giggling & playing cars: I was Sooooo cute. They all eventually went to sleep & will get extra lOoooong naps tomarrow, I can tell ya : life. it is now, right: yeah.

Then, eventually the kiddos were all in bed with the lights out & settling down, so I played a poker freezeout w/Charles Jester Larry & Ang & won (!)- Angelo calls me a "luck box" & always will - yeah yeah : I mean, I play tight but there's always luck in poker: no arguing. Ended? I had pocket kings & went all in _ Larry had pocket Aces,called, someone declared I was taken- & I flopped king _ nothing improved & I won - slow but victorious. What can I say ? I'm patient. yeah, yeah & my pocket kings totally snapped off pocket aces, and that was lots of fun. *grin*

Uploading photos right now, maybe I'll post one or two if they're cute.

Peace & Love,

EDIT Sunday, July 9th 12:29pm heh: I just realized this morning that I took out everyone in that freeze out. *grin* I got Ang by betting all in aggressively on a small strait, got Charles out on my pocket 3's that I flopped a trip for & he had doubles & didn't realize I had stealth-3's; I got Jester out on a pair of Jacks cause I thought he was bluffing & I was right & then I already said my Kings were luckier then Larry's Aces - hee hee. I swept! *grin* Ok, 'nuf about that. I need a nap today & I need to mow & do laundry - no more computer time!
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