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  • I'm not wearing my rings today (because they kept slipping down & I didn't want to have them fall off, I think this happens often with my fingers in the summer) - anyhows: I'm having an awful case of the "ghost rings" _ I keep trying to adjust rings that are not there. Heh.
  • My belt is a whole notch in - a little more actually - it actually goes 2 more notches in but doesn't look right with these pants... & my pants keep falling down so I _had_ to wear the belt today. Hm. I guess this is good, right?
  • I think our cats are afraid of the dark. We usually leave the stair basement lights on so in case someone comes in the garage or anything they can see (there's no switch at the bottom) anyhows: so I had turned this off last night to try to save on electricity (worrying about the AC bill : gah) _ and anyhow: the cats mewed pathetically for like, an hour until I turned it back on. Then my little black cat decided he needed snuggling which is pretty rare for him, so we while we watched Syriana he snuggled up on the nook of my arm & belly & just lay there and alternately purred & napped and head-butt me for more snuggling: it was pretty darn cute.
  • I'm on a wire-bracelet making kick. Maybe I'll post some photos soonish. A coworker I like a lot already asked me to make her one after she saw the one I'm wearing today: she said she'll bring in the beads & toggle & everything - =) I'm happy to do so because I want to practice my wire wrapping technique.
  • I'm thinking of playing games in the downstairs Saturday night after 8:30pm - any interest?

    Poll #768723 wanna game? socialize?

    how's Saturday night looking for you? Wanna come over & hang out with me? Check as many as you like:

    yeah - games like Puerto Rico!
    yeah, but like maybe card games like Guillotine or Bohnanza Beans-Trader, or something
    Nickle poker?
    Texas Hold-em mini freeze-out ($1 or $5 or something)
    I don't care, I'll just come over & hang out.
    Yeah, if you turn on the grill
    BYOB?, yeah sure.
    maybe I can't decide right now
    I'm busy, sorry
    You're poll crazy today, lady.
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