Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Rosary for my mom...

I'm making this friends only so my mom can't see it, since she hasn't gotten it yet. Heh. I'll unlock it after she gets the Rosary.

I made this for my mom; it's my first attempt at 'pearl knotting' in beading & I'm really happy with how it turned out:

It's a Rosary for my mom, who decided to join the church this last year after my little bro. died in an avalanche: he had joined the Jesuit Catholic church on his own as he found a sense of community there, and mom decided to follow his path in that way. anyhows: I made the rosary very "earthy" because she & Pete liked to climb mountains together so I wanted it to have that feeliing & I think I got that with the flowers & boulder-like handmade silver beads from Tibet & the nice brown silk rope.

you can see the knots well here... & the clam fixtures for attaching the pieces made.

here's a photo of the whole Rosary.

I x-posted this to craftgrrl here: in this post...
Tags: beading, classes, craft projects, emotions, heritage, interests, projects

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