Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Wire Link Bracelets

here are the first 2 bracelets I made:

another dual shot of the 2 bracelets as they look being worn. The one on the left I made for myself in class; the one on the right I made for Karey as a thankyou for watching the kids while I was in the wire links class. Yay.

This is the one I made for me ... note all the pink, orange & green & silver, I especially love these handmade silver beads from Tibet - they're so unique and complex - so this was fun: yay. The bright orange one is an antique bead from Germany & quite old - the hot pink rectangle and the tourquoise swirled with black are both Ceramic beads from Greece, the green bead is a Checkoslovakia Glass bead, and so are the smaller orange and pink beads... the hot pink diamond is a wooden bead, from who knows where. heh.

This is the one I made for Karey; as a thank you for watching my kids so I could go to the class! Yay. I made hers with lots of black cream & red, w/a slight industrial look. I also mixed her wire colors out into the red, purple, black & silver wires. These beads are all India mixed lampwork beads, which come in a huge variety of styles and colors for just .15 cents a gram.

An extreme closeup of some of the beads - pretty.

Tags: beading, classes, craft projects, interests, my photos
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