Alli (neugotik) wrote,

10 Things That I've Done That You Probably Haven'

1) Started the environmental club at my high school, which I'm told is still active & popular now - 18 years later... (1987)
2) Fasted for the first time ever in support of Tiananmen square protesters, before they were attacked to disband them (1989)
3) 38 hours of birthing labor & then 5 hours out for c-section surgery for birth of 1st daughter, and only 1 hour of surgery total for 2nd daughter : Aurora & Athena (1999 & 2004)
4) Taught computer classes in Peru at a new University whose power ran off of a rice mill turning (so we also installed grounding wires & helped them apply with Lima (the capitol) for full power lines to be extended out to their town... did a 3 day hike up to Machu Pichu along the Inca path & thousands of years old stone steps.. and also Drove around with 10 (!) other people crammed into a VW bug in the Andes in Peru & swam in the hot springs where the Incan Thrown was said to have been (1994)
5) Heard someone's name announced as a $100/hr winner on a radio station, called 411 so I could get their number & tell them that they had won & had three minutes to call the radio station, and then hung up on them..., which was fun: it was like the random call of the day for them, I think; they were baffled but pleased ... and I heard them accepting the prize a few minutes later on the radio: heh heh.. (2003)
6) Met my husband about a week before he basically moved in (give a day or two) and we got married a few months later, and are still together almost 7 years later... Hooray random love story.. (1998)
7) Worked a middle of the night shift & met my friend (Sierra) at the same restaurant cafe from 2am to 5am every night to write in our journals, for an entire summer of college. (1992)
8) Let a customer I didn't know & had hardly talked to, convince me into letting him sneak me into a sci fi convention (I was a waitress at Little T's) thereby meeting most of the people I am now friends with in Mn ... including my husband who I met a couple months later via these friends...(1998)
9) Randomly stopped to help 2 guys who were having car problems & ended up driving one of them to the hospital because his girlfriend was giving birth to their 1st kid... (2001)
10) Had rigorous family reunions: rafting on the Rogue River in Oregon for a week, Canoing the Northern boundary waters in Minnesota for 2 weeks, Hiking up various mountains & most recently kayaking and lounging on the beaches at the great lakes in WI (over the last 2 decades)

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