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woot - clean house & over a dozen RSVPs. That makes a party!

Yay! I have gotten 10, 11 if you count me affirmative RSVPs for tonight, plus Ang & Jester might come over after the game shop closes... and 2 who may or may not stop in depending on their other evening plans.. ; and a few others who are invited that I haven't heard back from but who might also drop by to hang out: this will be sweet.

I even vacuumed the basement tiles. *grin* It's pretty nice; we'll put something on the giant HGTV screen so early ones can pick the movie for the background: we have hundreds .. I know, indulgent, yes. heh.

I also have some chicken I have to grill up so I'll def. have the grill on & happy to share for those who are hungry, bring something if you have something you want to grill for sure.

If you want to come & don't know how to get to my house post a comment and I'll check back in a bit. If you know the street but not the house: it's the one with the homemade canvas pirate flag flying from a full sized flag pole, and we also have the street lamp in our yard so you can see the flagpole even at night, kinda. =) Remember Byob 'cause I'm not that rich. *grin*


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